Did you know that birders use two terms for a flock of ravens?

An 'unkindness' and 'a conspiracy'. We love ravens as universal messengers and we're creating a 'conspiracy of kindness'!


Be sure to get our free report, "The Rising Theory of Flocking Social" for more on that!

The Ravenkind story... was begun by Sheila Seclearr with contributing founding thoughts by some of her clients. She's involved in multiple forms of communication arts.

Highlights include:

Published author

Paid and optioned screenwriter

Film credits on several PBS documentaries

Film business plans

Company business plans

Company reports

Event Press and Production

Author/Publisher Marketing

Author/Publisher Consultant


Social Media Expert

Seclearr has been editor, publicist, creative director, producer, marketing expert, and has studied  the evolution of publishing. She loves how it now favors writers and readers, especially when a qualified team produces first-rate work.

Communications degree from Loyola University Chicago

ScreenwritingU Alumnus

American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) accredited Copywriter

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