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A basic definition of ECO-SPIRITUALITY is the belief in the sacredness of nature.

Based on the vision of Sheil Seclearr, Ravenkind promotes and produces films and stories that connect humankind with the natural world and its rhythms. Ravens already connect, and they have an amazing vocabulary, so they became our logo/mascot/teachers.

With CLI-FI (Climate Fiction), we tell stories about heroes who follow their instincts, listen to the wind, or are simply curious about the unknown. For example, THE WATER CLOCK is based on an ancient stone bowl that communicates ideas of Quantum Physics.

Have you noticed things about the ancient past and earth's history merging into our present?  The natural world won't let us be 'out of touch' for much longer.


Chaco Canyon, New Mexico


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There are great documentary films in this genre, but we also focus on the narrative feature, a classic story form with an intriguing plot, fascinating characters, and enough action to stir your emotions and pour you upon the canyon floor.


Our MEDIA page shows past film projects and consulting gig. CONTACT us with questions about your projects or how you can help with ours. We believe in the huge network of people and groups who are determined to improve humanity's footprint on this planet. Let's connect and create solutions for a hopeful future.


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The founder of Ravenkind Productions is Sheil Seclearr, whose filmography includes paid and optioned screenwriting, production credits, and business services including business plans, social media management and coordinating community and impact outreach. 

"As a lifelong climate and sustainability activist, I feel the urgency of claiming our company focus as environmental filmmakers. I see no better reason to be a visual storyteller than to celebrate and champion the environments that sustain us and pay them back with justice."

  • Rumi Returning (PBS, 2007), Assoc. Producer, marketing, website consultants

  • Secret of the Dragon’s Eye, feature film, Optioned screenwriter, 2008

  • The Fine Art of Living, feature film, Paid script re-write, 2009

  • Acosta, feature film, Paid screenwriter, Producer, 2011

  • 99%: The Occupy Wall Street Film, Associate Producer, 2013

  • Return to Rainy Mountain (PBS, 2017) Co-Producer, Social Media Manager

  • Words from a Bear (American Masters, PBS, 2019) Assistant

  • Safe Sets website (2020) and fundraising campaign on

  • The Water Clock, Screenwriter, Producer

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